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Hello Susie.

You write:

<<God sees the finish line, and those that will cross it. But it does not mean the race should not be run, Jeanne. There’s really nothing intimidating about the fact that God knows all, because He is ever-loving, ever-rooting for all. >>

Now if I am Pollyanna…what does that make you?

No, if God knows all, then there is no reason for any of it. Just create a heaven on earth for those whom he knows are good and get on with the world the way he supposedly wanted it to be.

Why have a new “soul” enter the world whom he knows will be damned to eternal hellfire?…or to a live filled with abuse, torture, and death at a young age?…or to a live short lived within the womb only to be aborted?

Just keep those souls back and stop evil from be conceived, and create another Eden for his preferred “souls”.

Or is there another reason why God wants to have us all run out the race? Does he get a kick out of watching our pitiful attempts to make it?

Tim, I do hope you will enter in this discussion since they are your words I quoted about God knowing our fates.

Susie writes:

<< If you don’t see yourself in this “race”… you don’t have to run it. You don’t have to do anything, but say “yes” to Him, or continue with “no”. I wish and pray though, that you would “run” by my side. >>

Susie, I am by your side in the world we both know. But if God knows my fate, then your prayers won’t make any difference about my race in the supernatural world of “souls.” I will get where I am going no matter what you or I do, because God knows what will happen…so why worry, why pray. If it is all decided, then just wait for the race to run itself out.

But why wait if the future is known, if all our fates are known…there is no reason to wait, unless it is because God likes the show.

<<If not, I love you anyway, and so does the Lord, and don’t you be concerned about these things, because He is well-able to acomplish His purposes, whether we understand His purposes or not.>>

I love you too, but I don’t think a supernatural entity loves me. Love is a human emotion and is understandable, but God is supernatural and not understandable, so how can we know that he loves us as we understand the term ..Love. If such an entity could indeed love as humans do, then it would do things much differently.

And why shouldn’t humans understand the purposes of their deity?

Fate…”There is no fate, but what we make.”


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