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Tim writes:

<< Does it make sense to you, that only God, knows the future of what a person will do, or won’t do ?>>

Then what is the point of it all, Tim? Why pray for intercession when all is fated to happen according to your deity’s will? Why worry over salvation when your deity know full well who will be saved and who will be damned…no matter what they do in their life?

Why have the bible written, why have Jesus conceived?, why have other religions condemned, why bother with any of it?

Why worship a deity who knows exactly how the lives of his creations will go down, but who torments them with hope and faith, pits them against one another and knows the outcome of the battle?

Why worry about sining if your deity all ready knows if you are bound for hell anyway?

And, please, for pity’s sake, try to think on your own, and stop regurgitating the bible.

I would certainly appreciate straight talk in this debate from its originator.


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