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Wow! Praynsaint2004 gives lots of responses to the comments I made.

First when I asked if saved people are perfect, she suggested that other languages have different definitions of perfect, some that may leave room for imperfection, and when you are saved you become perfect in Gods eyes.

Maam! When I wrote that, it was in response to what “daredevil” wrote, and he did not suggest he was refering to a foreign languages definition of perfect, he didn’t suggest he was refering to perfection in Gods eyes that allows room for imperfections as long as you are saved, he wrote his post in English and when you write in english it is assumed that you are refering to the english definitions of words when you use them.

Next when I ask “invjames” if he knew anyone who lived perfectly sinless lives, she responded by saying some people live near perfect sinless lives, but neglects to say sinless.

Next she makes assumptions about me. First she says:

“Ken confesses to being an atheist. Since he doesn’t believe in God or his word, there is no possible way he can truly understand God’s system of belief for his people and what the word is saying.”

Wrong! I do understand the system and what the bible says, I just disagree with it.

He won’t read the word and doesn’t believe it so how could he possibly understand completely what it is saying.

I’ve probably read as much and understand as much of the bible as you do. Don’t assume that because I disagree with it, that my disagreement is based out of ignorance. (you know what they say when you ASSUME!)

“You cannot possibly understand the system of belief of a Christian unless you understand the word completely and know Jesus.”

First of all, most of the Christians who “understand the word” and claim to know Jesus, disagree on this “system of belief” that you speak of, and I assure you, I understand it as well as you or any other christian, I just disagree with it that’s all!

He needs to repent of his unbelief and ask Christ to be Lord of his life. Then if he does this, he will become a child of God and able to understand (and this is a big beginning) the word of truth and God’s will and system of belief for Christians.

Yeah! Yeah! I’ve tried that a million times! trust me, It doesn’t work! I don’t think you know me well enough to make those type of assumptions, about me, but I do appreciate the response.



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