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Marcia D.

Answer to Ken:

Ken said:

So do you know any Christians (yourself included) who has lived perfectly sinless lives since becoming saved? Christians who has never made a mistake and done wrong, who were as perfect as Jesus? If not, why are they unwilling to live perfect lives? Is it because they don’t truly love Christ? Don’t get me wrong, I am not being facetious, I am just trying to understand your system of belief.

I know of Christians who are living so close to the Lord that they are nearly sinless but it would be a matter of opinion as to whether they actually sinned. For instance, my pastor confessed to letting his son dump ice water on his wife while she was taking a shower. Now, is this just playful joking, needed chastisement to her (after all he is the head of the family), or is it sin? God has to be the judge to these things if it is not completely obvious. However, it is hard to find any real obvious sin on the part of my pastor. (His wife may have gotten too outraged at the son when the father (pastor) didn’t agree with her.)

Now, about the part about Ken trying to understand our system of belief, let me say that this would be impossible for him.

Ken confesses to being an atheist. Since he doesn’t believe in God or his word, there is no possible way he can truly understand God’s system of belief for his people and what the word is saying. He won’t read the word and doesn’t believe it so how could he possibly understand completely what it is saying. You cannot possibly understand the system of belief of a Christian unless you understand the word completely and know Jesus. The Bible says that spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Nothing more should be needed to say on this.

He needs to repent of his unbelief and ask Christ to be Lord of his life. Then if he does this, he will become a child of God and able to understand (and this is a big beginning) the word of truth and God’s will and system of belief for Christians.

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