Home Forums Re: Can a Christian commit the “Unpardonable”

Chris Medway


Whoever asks themselves the question ‘have I commited the unforgivable sin’. has not committed it.

Whoever sees what is undeniably ‘good’ and chooses to lable it ‘wickedness’ is in danger of committing the unforgivable. Such persons are already incapable of discerning ‘good’ from ‘evil’. The light in them is darkness so the darkness is doubly dark. They never ask the qusetion ‘have I sinned’, they only point the finger at others who do what is right and call that sin.

As you can see there are very few people who irrevocably fall into the category I have just described. Since they are incapable, through their seared conciences, to discern ‘good’ from ‘evil, they are incapable of repentence or remorse, only ‘selfish regret’ and ‘self pity’. Most people are still open, through their concience, to the ministration of the Holy Spirit.

That ministration is what you have been experiencing. It is often called ‘the desert experience’, Jesus went there and sometimes so must we. Just trust God and handle the experience the way He did.

Love Chris.

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