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Amanda Harp

I know this is a very old posting on the forum but i just was going thru my posts and caught some of the replies i didnt get too. Now to refresh, or update rather, where Gary has said people can fall away and then later return stronger than ever.. Yes this is true.. My husband and i have had many ups and downs since the date of therse postings.. Even been thru a divorce and recently gotten back together. He is now back in Church but struggling just as i am.. He has been hurt by the precious church we attended so it is taking alot for that trust to return.. Or should i say he’s learning to trust God more than people and that a hard thing to do when you been doing it for the most part of your life.

I do keep him in my prayers constantly.

As for Doc’s statements about he may never have had a conversion..

that also may be true .. you can tell by the fruits they bear.. but that is in God’s control and i pray that God will embrace him whole heartly and he began to have a passion for Jesus just as i do.

This was a great conversation and it has blesed me emensely.. Even a year later.



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