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Hi guys

To Mandy, Sarah and others here with personal problems, scriptural uncertainty, etc.(in other words- ALL OF US )

Firstly my own story, Born into a “Christian family”, I grew up like many others, being exposed to the truth but I only made a personal confession and statement of belief and commitment nine years ago. That year still goes down as the best spiritually and the worst physically, emotionally, financially etc. I went on for the ffg few years, terribly unsure, tumbling and stumbling at every turn, even questioning my calling and salvation. I think I was ‘the’ master at bad thoughts. I saw all my pain, trials and experiences as an excuse to fight God every step of the way, rejecting Him, blaspheming Him and even rebelling against the very commitment I had previously made.

Then one night about two years ago, in the midst of a very dark time in my life, He fought back (so to speak). He confronted me with a deeper, unbelievably profound, revelation of Jesus Christ. I was powerless to resist or even say a word. My only option was to raise the white flag and surrender. He went on to gradually take control of my thoughts, conscience, heart and mind.LIKE HE PROMISED..(this goes on daily now.) My tears are now because of His uncompromised love for a wretch like me, His awesomeness and His omnipotent abilty to mould and shape me. I know that I’m safe!

There are three people in God’s Word I suggest we look at. Job, David, Paul. These men are typical examples of human trial, fighting with God, inner turmoil, and God’s coming through victorious. Job the “righteous” one, was put through “hell” physically. David, the man after “God’s own heart” struggled immensely with personal sins and inner anguish. Paul flat out persecuted God’s chosen and then came to an about turn. These men are powerful witnesses to us in times of trouble and doubt. God has clearly shown us that He is MIGHTIER than any thought, concept, rebellion, accusation or attack. The Good Sheperd does not let His loved and chosen ones stray too far.

Don’t let Satan use the Word of God against us. Being a thief and liar, he has not the right to use the Word of God for his purpose of being our accuser. He points us to our sins to induce guilt and shame to seperate us from God and one another.

Please “remain in Christ” my brothers and sisters. I believe strongly that there is not a single one of us, that can think, say or do anything that denies us a spot on His cross and being raised to glorious obedience of His Will and Majesty!

My deepest prayers and love, in Christ, to all of you.

Mark Pillay

P.S. My dear sister Mandy – I feel your pain regarding your husband. My wife (who happens to be a Mandy as well) is an unbeliever. I invite you to pray with me as I will with you regarding their relationship with God our Savior. Pray for God to make us able to love our spouse more and more each day – where love is there is hope – for this is our calling and His command.I’m sure all who read this will say an ‘Amen’ to this prayer .Mail me and let me know how it’s going with you.

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