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hello it is so sad to feel empty and shadowy before the lord. this situation is often manipulated by the enemy to torment you so that you can doubt your christian stand before the lord. sometime back i felt the same. i was completely empty and dry before the lord i remember helplessly asking myself may be i have committed the unpardonable sin and so am just now a nusance before him and and all my effort to build the relationship was fruitless? BUT no that is not the case, in the catholic church we often say,

”look not unto our sin but on the faith of thy church and grant us the peace and unity of your kingdom where you live forever and ever”

dont look unto your sin, look at your faith! do you believe that jesus is the son of God and savior of the world? fine!! howver don’t sin and don’t sin knowingly or intentionally that is the worse

may be for more help. you see in normal situation, we see that when you are in bad relationship with your father or any of your brothers or sisters, commonly the only person that always bridges that gap is your mothers, mothers are often more kind and loving towards their children and husband,

THEREFORE i would urge you to ask BLESSED VIRGIN MARY the mother of christ to give you christ or to show you christ. jesus left her for us and we for her when he said

”woman this is your son and to the son this is your mother” from then on wards we have a heavenly mother who surpasses all mothers and can possibly help you connect to her son jesus who is your saviour

beside remeber what she did in cana when the whole wedding was to be in mess

, she saved them when she came to jesus and said ” they have no wine”

if you ask of her for help, today she will be telling christ

”she has no peace in heart because of you, she wants assurance” and then she lovingly turn to you and say

” do whatever he tells you to do”


long to hear from you


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