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I am going through a period of depression in my life. Satan has used many words from the Bible to attack me. One of the things he has attacked me about is committing the unpardonable sin. I have thought wicked thoughts against the Holy Spirit. I do not agree with any of these blasphemous thoughts. In fact, they make me frustrated and angry at myself. Does anyone else ever worry that they’ve committed the unpardonable sin? Is one blasphemous thought against the Holy Spirit committing the unpardonable sin? Or is the Satan’s trap?

People have told me that the unpardonable sin is completely hardening your heart towards the Holy Spirit. What do you think? What is everyone’s opinion? And, has anyone else had a similar experience? Please Help.

A Sister in Christ,


This is something that I battled with myself as someone who came to Christ from an occult background… here’s a link to my Testimony http://exwitchaustralia.c[…%5DMe.html which explains some of what i went thru and my thoughts and experiences on this subject…

If you would like to contact me Sarah I would be more than happy to discuss this all further with you… tho’ proabably the place you are most likely to be able to catch up with me would be at The Son and the Moon Forums – http://sonandthemoon.10.f[…%5Der.com/ – which is my ‘home’ forum and i don’t sign in here at praize all that often…

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