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Hi Mandy:

Sorry to hear of your problems…but glad that things seem to be working out with you and your husband.

Quote:”but struggling just as i am.”

Yeah, that’s par for the course. you know…when one meets people who ‘NEVER’ struggle….I think that there’s only about two possibilities….

1. They’re LYING!

2. They’re living life so shallowly that they have no idea what’s all involved in the ‘walk with God’.

Quote:”He has been hurt by the precious church we attended so it is taking alot for that trust to return.”

Yeah….been there-done that…more than once!

Quote:”…he’s learning to trust God more than people and that a hard thing to do…”

I find it easier and easier….the more PEOPLE I meet….cause they’re getting REAL hard to trust…LOL. As the saying goes, “the more people I meet…the more I like animals.”

Anyway, Praize seems to be ‘dying on the vine’ here these days….gone from 20-30 posts a day in my ‘Christian Debate forums’ to one or two maybe a week. It’s a pity….it used to be great!

Anyway, prayers for your future, okay?


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