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Country Doc

Hi Sarah and Mandy,

The question of the unpardonable sin has, and will, bother Christians untill Christ second comming. The very fact that it is mentioned in scripture gives Satan a chanch to cause us to question God’s love for us. Satan uses doubt to drive a wedge between us and God. You see there is a little bit of “the doubting Thomas” in all of us. It is only when we truly, and completly, accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord that we have any chance of overcoming those feelings of doubt. For most Christians the fear of commiting the unpardonable sin results in a desire for a closer walk with the Lord. As has been said in previous post the fact that you worry about the unpardonable sin is a clear indication that you haven’t commited it.

Your discription of your husband’s actions is, to me, an indicator that he has not experanced true convention. If a person has not experianced conversion then there in no conviction of any sin(wrong doing). Therefore the door is still open for conversion. The apostle Paul’s conversion is the best example of this. Where Christians need to be very careful though is in refusing to listen to the pleadings of the Holy Spirit. Let me explain.

There are two areas where Christians are sometimes guilty of taking a chance of commiting the unpardonable sin.

First there is a tendency to rationalize any action or activity we wish to untake just because there is no line by line…”thus sayth the Lord” instructions given aginst them. Most of these actions revolve around our personal desires and self gratification. When careful consideration is given to most of these actions or activities it becomes evident that bibical principals should prevail not our personal feelings. Because we find pleasure in a given activity or action, and since there is no direct bibical prohibition against it, we continue to engage in them eventhough bibical principals may be violated.

Second there is all too often a refusal to consider or accept any given bibical teaching that is new to us. As Christians we sometimes forget that we may be given additional knowledge about what God would have us do in our lives that may be of importance to our salvation. If additional knowledge appears to go against our long established belifs, traditions, and dogmas, that knowledge or new truth, becomes easy to ignore. There are those who say “If God wants me to do anything different in my life He will have to show me”. Since God never forces us to accept salvation He doesn’t force us to accept additional information about salvation either.

In both of these examples I find it interesting that the term

“self sacrifice”, or in other words the “sacrificing of self” to Christ, must be applied. By refusing to apply biblical principals

or refusing to consider new light that may be given to us we are refusing to sacrifice ourselves to Christ. Christians readly agree that we must make that sacrifice but many are not quite ready to make that full surrender of self.

We as humans don’t like to give up anything we consider enjoyment

nor do we like to change anything about the way we live. Satan knows this and takes every oppertunity possibile to “help” us sin. With each sin commited as a result of our own choices we cause a bit of “spiritual scar tissue” to grow. Scar tissue, whether it be spiritual or physical, causes desensitization. Desentization of our conscience is what scripture refferes to as “being seared as with a hot iron.” When enough “spiritual scar tissue” has grown in one’s heart they no longer can feel or hear the Holy Spirit speaking to them. When they no longer feel or hear the Holy Spirit they can no longer communicate with God and the Holy Spirit is withdrawn. At this time is when the unpardonable sin has been commited. The Holy Spirit has been grieved away and there is no more pleading to their heart. Salvation is lost.

Sarah, Satan uses our physical problems to create doubt in our minds thus he trys to seperate us from God. When we are overcome with doubt is when we need to seek the Lord in prayer asking that He fill our hearts and minds with His truth and rightousness.

Mandy, what you must now do for your husband, is pray for him to have a true conversion and accept Jesus Christ into his heart. I don’t think he would even pay lip service to being a Christian at times if he had allready commited the unpardonable sin. Your prayers accend to heaven as “…sweet smelling incence before God”.

I pray that God will put His loving arms around you, the Holy Angels protect you, and the Holy Spirit guide you as we travel along salvations highway to our Heavenly home.

Your brother in Christ,


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