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Amanda Harp

Good Morning Gary,

just wanted to say thank you for your comments. Im sorry if i came off with the attitude that i didnt think that God was no longer in control.

i was using te situation with my husband as an example here.

I am praying faithly every day and my pastor knows the full situation with my husband.(we switched churches about a year ago)

you see my husband is one that plays church..

It all depends on who he is around. Around our pastor he acts like he is an outstanding christian man that would do anything for anyone.

Around partying people.. he will try to fit right in and party with the best of them

Around pagans, he is also a pagan and fits himself right into their lifestyle.

Now according to the word og God, that is being lukewarm.. neither hot or cold.. Correct me if im wrong but didnt God say.. that he would spue these kinds of people from his mouth?

I know you can only knowingly, willingly,reject christ before he’ll reject you.

And this is where my husband is..Its mighty harsh and strong for a person who claims to love the Lord, to also stand to your face and say that He doesnt need God in his life. He’s doing just fine without him.

yes i will keep praying for him and thank you for your prayers also.

it burndens my heart for people not to realize just how much better their lives could be if only they would let Jsus take the wheel. So much peace and joy..

God Bless


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