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Dear Tina and anyone else who has this problem,

Listen up. There is a way to resolve this type of problem. In the U.S. a building that is for public use, but is not wheelchair accessible, is against the building codes. That’s right. I am familiar with these laws because my husband is an architect.

I am unaware of building codes for churches in the U.K. but churches in the U.S. can be forced to comply to building codes by the “local” governments. And I mean VERY local, indeed. Just as a person who trips on a staircase of a church that has no armrails, can bring a law suit against the church and win. Get it? There are building codes that all architects MUST comply with in order to put up a building. Engineers and architects must comply to building codes when building churches. Just because your building is a church, that does not mean that you are left out of the picture.

What one man must comply to in order to build a project, another by the same reasoning, must be forced to correct. At the very least, this should be done on the pedestrian level, such as offering reasonable access to a building.

Building codes change over time. So if the church is older than the requirements put to the builders of the most recent construction of properties, then the local building codes would require the church upon the sell of the property to comply to the new building codes. Sometimes property changes hands so quickly that violations go unnoticed. This is the primary reason people try to side step inspections. When you buy a home, a inspector can report a property that doesn’t comply with electrical building codes and the owners can be forced to update electrical boxes. Here in lies your argument.

Now you must go down to city hall and complain about facilities that violate building codes. Then you should contact a local paper about your story. It will not be pleasant, but church congregations who refuse to install simple ramps and doors that can be opened with the touch of a button are not addressing Christ’s flock practically. You may become unpopular with a few people but you will end up making “in roads” for other folks who suffer from your same condition.

Jesus will chastise those among His flock who refuse to do what is right. If it were ONLY a money issue, I think God would handle it right away. I think this is an issue that God may have given to you personaly on purpose? Get my drift?

If you would like to write articles about people with disabilities and how they cannot or can relate to the church, I will give you that forum at the gallery. The articles posted at our gallery are donated by church members who want their voices to be heard! Just follow my profile to visit the gallery.


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