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Jim Goble

Hello Tina. I too am a pastor, and early in my ministry there were some who questioned my fitness for the pastoral role because of my unusual gait, quite possibly resulting from a childhood injury or an undiagnosed case of poliomyelitis. While some told me they were praying for God to heal me, I came to feel that it was they who needed the healing because they could not accept someone who was “different.” I have continued to serve, and thank God that I have been led to more open-minded, accepting folk.

Now, what to suggest for you? I note that you are in the UK and I am not familiar with disability discrimination laws there. I know that in the USA, the government will not get involved in disability issues involving churches. Nonetheless, Christ’s Church has a moral obligation to be open and accessible to all.

You do not mention the denomination (if any) with which you are affiliated. If there is some authority beyond the local church to which you may take your case, I would go that route. I would also attempt to link up with disabled Christians nearby. I am certain that there are some relatively near you.

Let me know if this helps.


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