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Jim Goble

Tina, I am very new to Praize.com and just learning my way around. Now that I have read your profile, I note that you are in the Methodist church. You would probably do well to find out whether the Methodist Church in the UK has any organization of disabled persons, to whom you might appeal for support.

I do not know too much about what the Methodists in the USA are doing. My denomination has an organization called Presbyterian Health, Education, and Welfare Association (PHEWA) which includes a group called Presbyterians for Disabilities Concerns. You might access http://www.pcusa.org and look through our website for PHEWA. You might also contact Nancy Troy, Executive Director of PHEWA; her email contact should be on the website. She might well be able to idnetify her opposite number in the Methodist Church in the UK, or at least in its American counterpart, The United Methodist Church.

God be with you,


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