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Blessings Tina, my name is Pastor Deb, and I am soooo sorry that you are being treated that way. That is absolutely ridiculous, and not Christ like in any way shape or form. I have a couple of friends from Yorkshire, one of which I know attends a Church there, I was going to share this with her, and just see if she too notices the same problem in her Church. If I can find a way of helping at all, rest assured I will my sister. Can you please tell me where exactly in Yorkshire this is? Is it anywhere near Bradford? I also wanted to say, here in the US, there are those that have the same problem, however, there are just as many that have facilities there just for that reason. I am so sorry Tina. I hope to hear from you soon. Remember my sister, God see’s this also, and his hand will come down. (((((((((((Hugs))))))))))

Yours In Christ,

Pastor Deb-Soaring In Christ Ministries

PS: My husband is from there, and he is absolutely appalled by this. He knew they had problems there in the Churches, but this is ridiculous!

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