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Hi godsgirl. I’m in Yorkshire- England. The churches i attend all have wheelchair access the problem is that i have been locked out of services because no matter how many times i ask people will not unlock both sides of a double door so that the opening is wide enough for me to get in. One church locks one side of a double door behind me so that i can’t get out of the worship area to use the loo. the problems are not with the building but with people’s attitudes. I have had this battle for ten years. and can’t find a way to solve the problems because people will not listen! Just last week i signed up to a church run course but was told the venu was not accessible to me. the organiser refused to change the venue so that i could attend. These churches just refuse to comply with the Disability discrimination act.

what would you do to protect your right to access worship? I hate having to demand my rights, it would be far eaisier just to give up church altogether. But i feel that God has given me a voice for disabled people. if i don’t do this then there is much more at risk than just my rights. we have nearly 9 million disabled people in britian- 38 thousand just in my town. a friend has been fighting for access to her church for thirty years. Disabled people get a raw deal and ingeneral churches fail to take on board the issues.

Take a look around your congregation and at other churches too i would love to hear if things are different in the US

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