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You really do not need a church to be a Christian or to get/keep your salvation. Hence, church is only important as a gathering place for believer’s to worship God.

Having said that I think you need to contact some other handicaped orginizations to see if they have a list of churches that are accesible for you. Hopefully you’ll find one with your denominational preferences.

In Canada by law, all public places (including churches) MUST be accessable. I encourage you to check the web and see what your Government has to offer to make things accesable.

Have the church you regularly attend, are they doing nothing to make access easier? Building ramps? Making washroom wheelchair accessable? If not than I suggest you contact the denominational head office and file a grievance.

After all that, if nothing improves byyour asking, you could file a lawsuit BUT that does go against what Scripture teaches. This last point should only be taken when you have exhasted every avenue.

I have had a hearing problem for many yeras and was a Pastor to the Deaf. I am familiar with the needs of various handicapped people’s need.

If you want to chat more, email me fhadzalic@yahoo.ca

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