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LORD thankyou once again for Sherry,and Brad, in Jesus’ name, Father we have seen you work our wonderfull in the lives of many through this mode of prayer,Father i know that you are able to heal this situation in Jesus’ name, LORD Brad is in Prison in Mexico because of your Gospel nad he is keeping the faith even though he is such pain and sufering- thankyou so much for this, LORD i cover Him in the blood of Jesus and HolY spirit i ask that you may comfort him, lord heal that rash that is on his skin in Jesus’ name, LORD i pray for Brad and i will not stop until he is out of that prison and out free from that kind of suffering, Jesus help him keep his faith LORD, let him have a deeper knowledge of you, Father like Job let him still praise your Holy Name and never curse you.

remind every one who knows about this to say acontant prayer for Brad in Jesus’ name

Jesus thankyou and receive all honour and greatness..AMen and Amen

Sherry we are with you in prayer- we are not going on our knees untill the LORD heals this situation in Jesus’ name.

The LORD is with you.

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