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jamie logan

thank you i have read this and noticed that i was doing the same thing as you i wanted to reach them but i wasn’t getting anything from god or the sprit to say to them so i just read what they all said to each other.i prayed also for god to give me the words but he lead me in another direction in the forums he is wanderful he know where we all need to be at the the exact time we are needed and i praise him for that.i hope you don’t mind i copyed the poem and saved it so i can read it sometime to remind myself to be careful at what i say to someone and to pray and ask god what HE wants MEto say not what Iwant to say gbu your a blessing to us here on praize.

nana only a foolish nonchristain would think you don’t care about anyone and i say this from the heart i have come to know you after being on this site and a op at one time in the two years i have been here on praize.you are never boring your a blessing god has sent to praize.com we love you bunches((((((((())))))))i love you all here on praize

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