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Hello Susie.

You know, I could allow for some of this idea to have a bit of truth if it were not for the fact that during the time I was wanting and ready to believe, spiritual sight was not forthcoming.

<<I would surmise–also…that it would be a bit biased & intimidating of God– to unbelievers, if God did not blind their minds.>>

I doubt it at all. We are perfectly ready to believe…God apparently doesn’t want our blinders off. Satan keeps the blinders on, but good people whom God should want to grace with a final annointance of goodness, God cannot give sight to because Satan has too much influence??? All God has to do is show us by allowing us spiritual sight, and atheist everywhere, as well as other theists, will believe. God had no trouble in the Old Testament of revealing his existance through image or speech…why won’t or can’t he do so now?

<< But the thing is, it is their own choices that keep their minds blinded. Blindness is a consequence of being an unbeliever. And spiritual insight comes as a result of believing–upon the revelation of Christ in our lives.>>

Once, again….where was God when I believed? And, now…first believe and then you will see? God knows that only works for those who are buying into the whole deity belief think all ready.

<<So much of God’s actions are judged as cruel, out of ignorance of WHO He is and what He is doing.>>

Only a person without a decent ethical code of behavior would think that the christian God’s actions are anything but the cruel and capricious actions of a little godling.

I say that it is believers who are blinded by their desires to be the ones who KNOW. Christians disallow any other theist or atheist the ability to KNOW truth as they find it.

I assert that my knowledge is based on truth found by reason, while the knowledge of the theist is based on truth found by faith. And what is faith but wishfull thinking?


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