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Susie A

Hi Jeanne…just read this thread.Having a nice 4rth of July holiday?

>>”I asked why would a loving and all powerful and all knowing God want or need to “blind the minds of unbelievers”…what does this mean to believers about non-believers?”

This is exactly what I’ve tried to communicate about in times past. This “blinding of the mind” here Jeanne, is a blindness that everyone walks in, until the moment they are born-again. The revelation of Christ is the moment when the blindness is replaced with ability to “see” spiritual things and spiritual truths, because it is the revelation of Christ that reveals the things that’ve been hidden from us. Why would God want to blind the mind of a person who doesn’t believe? In the same way we would walk into a surprise party for us…we are required to voluntarily walk through “the door” (which is Christ). Only then, do the lights go on and everybody yells surprise! Only then, do we see that we have not been seeking a dead God, or one that doesn’t care.

I would surmise–also…that it would be a bit biased & intimidating of God– to unbelievers, if God did not blind their minds. But the thing is, it is their own choices that keep their minds blinded. Blindness is a consequence of being an unbeliever. And spiritual insight comes as a result of believing–upon the revelation of Christ in our lives.

So much of God’s actions are judged as cruel, out of ignorance of WHO He is and what He is doing.

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