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Marcia D.

Hi Trinity,

I fully agree with you. Your answers are so right and well explained.

Yes, to add—that the god of this world is Satan. God with a small g in the Bible always means a demonic being which is often an idol. But it has been found that idols have demons inside of them. (Don’t want to start another argument though). I’m just saying this from a book where people were researching these things about idols. For instance, the Hindus worship many idols (or gods) and many are demon possessed and all are very oppressed and deceived. Their way of life is very bad. So, just brought this bit out. If a nation is totally turned against God, then they will reap the consequences. This is why India is having such horrible problems. The good things the unbelievers are being blessed with in this nation have a lot to do with how much this nation was blessed simply because it was founded on Christian principles. The men who wrote the Constitution were godly people. Now here godly means like God or following God, not an idol. I hope this all makes sense. Thanks for reading.


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