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Greg Platt

Alright, I’ll bite on this one.

“If a nation is totally turned against God, then they will reap the consequences. This is why India is having such horrible problems. The good things the unbelievers are being blessed with in this nation have a lot to do with how much this nation was blessed simply because it was founded on Christian principles.”

First of all the idea that God would visit wanton destruction and poverty upon a people is a view not in keeping with the nature of God. It is true that God might without His blessing from those who actively work against Him. On the otherhand, its seems inconsistant with a loving God to believe He would allow people to leave horrible lives, and then expect them to believe in Him. At some point blessing must occur.

Also, life is not that terrible in India, and much of the problems is derived more from the greed and poor intentions from the large “Christian” nations of this world. We use those countries as sources of cheap labor and pilfer their resources for our own use. I would wager a guess that many a country is kept in a depressed economic state to ensure we always have a ready supply of such cheap labor. It is hard for me to fathom then, that God would choose to bless the oppressor simply because they claim to love God with their lips, but do not bear out those words with action.

Also, if you look at the 10 commandmants, and then look at our law books, I think you will find that 2-3 of the commandments appear as law. Do not kill, do not steal, some states honor the Sabbath. Beyond this, I think you will find that our laws follow the moral code that is inherant in all human. Personally I believe that this “ultimate” moral code is derived from God, as we are all created in His image. But this code is not a Christian one, simply a human one.

And let us be clear about this, the framers of the Constitution were not all Christians. A good number of them were Deists, believing in a ultimate creative force, with no assertion that this force was aware or thinking. Some may have been atheist…however that would have been a dangerous thing to reveal. Others still were theists. And some were Christian.

Now, there is little doubt in my mind that we a nation blessed by God. However, blessing does not always imply approval. I think it would be a mistake to draw the conclusion that because we are blessed we are right. And I think it would be a worse conclusion to feel that since other nations are not blessed, they are facing God’s wrath.

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