Home Forums Re: Blind the Mind of Unbelievers?


Hello Trinity, and thanks for the explanation.

But, if I, as a non-believer, am under the power and influence of the god, Satan, whom christians believe to be the cause of all that is evil in the world….

then how does that explain why I lead an honorable life with a strong code of ethics, and why I expect the same from my children, who were reared without deity belief?

If Satan is real and powerful enough to thwart God’s influence, how can I who am blinded to God, live with a good heart, with compassion and kindness, without performing evil deeds or having evil thoughts. How, indeed, how can I love my fellow humans. How can I have any joy or hope?

You believe both God and Satan exist and influence our lives, so you need to explain to me how I can believe in neither and live as an honorable and ethical person?

If you can’t, then something is wrong with your theory about the gods who have power over us. Do they or do they not influence our lives and behavior?


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