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Hello RTW.

You write:

<<It is not meant that all should have eyes to see and ears to here with understanding the Word of God. The reason for this is many just do not have the strength to stand against Satan when he arrives, and if they knew the truth and bowed to him, they would have committed the unforgivable sin. It is God that sends the spirit of slumber on them for their own protection.>>

Please…this is the best excuse I have seen yet!

So, I don’t have the strength to stand against the god Satan…really? Then I must live a debauched life full of evil doings like encouraging my children to debauch their own lives and set small animals on fire, smash toads, lead little kids into drugs and sex, and all kinds of evil stuff like that….huh?

God had his chance if he had been real, but nothing happened, so he is not real. But that doesn’t keep me from being a good person, nor from demanding ethical behavior from my kids and from others I connect with. Just because God is not real, I didn’t go off the deep end of sin and evil, and go party with Satan, in whom I do not believe either.

But according to some here, that is what I should be doing, and that Satan has his fingers intwined in my life even if in tiny ways. Poppycock!

<<but in God’s appointed time, in the Millennium age, they shall be taught discipline and judged by their works in that age. >>

Yeah, right…and it is good christians who will do the teaching of their good deity…I am not impressed now, or before, or will be then…whenever judgement comes as you believe. Why should I be anymore impressed by the christian deity at that time.

<< True Christianity brings you above denominationalism and sets you free of that stuff. Though many of them try to do a good job, you need to mature into the deeper thoughts of the Word of God, and get above the childish things. That is not an insult, but a fact. >>

I understand that some choose to follow the path that they feel comes straight from Jesus the Christ, and I think that at least is true faith. I, however, do not need to mature into deeper thoughts of any deity, but hope that people like you will someday grow up beyond the need for any deity belief. That is not an insult, but a fact. Humans do not need the superstition of deity belief.

The sooner the better, but I doubt it will happen before the next century ends.


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