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Hello jeanne

“So, I don’t have the strength to stand against the god Satan…really? Then I must live a debauched life full of evil doings like encouraging my children to debauch their own lives and set small animals on fire, smash toads, lead little kids into drugs and sex, and all kinds of evil stuff like that….huh? ”

When satan returns to this earth claiming to be Christ,with your mind set the way it is no you will not be able to stand against him.And no you do not have to live a debauched life full of evil doings.A lot of well meaning people including chritains as well as all other religons will be unable to stand against him as well.

“Yeah, right…and it is good christians who will do the teaching of their good deity…I am not impressed now, or before, or will be then…whenever judgement comes as you believe. Why should I be anymore impressed by the christian deity at that time.”

Yes it will be the elect of God doing the teaching at this time,along with all others who did not bow a knee to the instead of christ.Wheather you are not impreased now or later really dosent matter because it will happen just as it is written.And at the end of this time of learning, if you still have not learned any thing,you will fall for satan again when he is released from the pit.To follow him this time will mean death of the soul,contrary to what most teach you will just simply cease to exist.

“hope that people like you will someday grow up beyond the need for any deity belief. That is not an insult, but a fact. Humans do not need the superstition of deity belief.”

I can’t speak for everyone but as for me I will never grow to a point where I feel I dont need my Father.Every breath you take every time you wake up from sleep, wheather you acknowledge this or not, is dependent on God,and thats the fact.

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