Home Forums Re: Blind the Mind of Unbelievers?


Good for you Jim. I am glad it was a benign tumor.

No doubt you babbled a great deal despite anesthesia, as it seems to be your strong point.

And, Jim, no matter how you dispute the experience of freedom from all superstitions, it doesn’t matter, because I am living proof that people can be honorable and ethical without needing a deity belief to keep me so.

Indeed, no matter how much believers think they see, they really only believe in things that are unseen and unreal.

I prefer to live in the real world without being aided by the dillusion of deity belief, but…hey, whatever gets you through your life, right?

If christians need to pretend that they are the only humans in the whole world with the real truth….so be it. Christians just need to remember that the rest of us, theists and atheists alike, think you are wrong and misguided.

Not an insult, just the facts.


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