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Hello Jeanne

Surgery is over and I am home. There is no cancer any where . Everybody has a chemical supply to make them sleep and when that chemical is off you sleep to much, Seems now I have to much chemical and it is likely unless this is controled I may sleep a long period. This thread was to blind the mind of the unbeliever;weeeeeeeeeeellll it seems the surgical anesthesia was designed to blind and you would remember nothing when you woke up.

They tell me the doctor and two nurse techs went to recovery to check me out and it seems on becoming what my mind assumed as a concious state, began to motivate me to speak the gospel. One nurse tech left the room in tears and I have no idea what i said. I would like to tell you she became Christian but Ican’t. I can tell you this you have no idea what happens when you let a mind loose from all inhibitions and this would be especially true in the sense of the believer. It seems i witnessed to more that ten all together while there isa seventh day Center.

It seems the Gospel can comme in the Strangest ways.

My friend Jeanne may dispute this but most of know this is type thing I might be found guilty of

Jeanne no matter how much you dispute the experience of the gospel ;that doesn’t the reality I live with in it

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