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Hello Trinity:

You write:

<<“without performing evil deeds or having evil thoughts.”

well your thoughts might not be human by human terms but what about by God’s terms more then likly they’d still be sinful in some way, but that is between you and God.>>

Excuse me!! You mean the God that had his chosen people slaughter every living creature, even infants, but relented and let his leaders say that the virgins could be kept for breeding?

You mean the God that suggested the deception of goodwill as long as all the men had their foreskins removed, and then told his chosen people to go and slaughter them all when the men were disabled by the surgery?

You mean the God, whose son killed the boys who were teasing the bald headed man, who killed the fig tree out of spite because it would not bear fruit out of season, who told those who would follow him to abandon their wives and children, who said that those who didn’t believe would burn in eternal hellfire even if they were good and honorable people?

You mean the God who flooded the entire world, killing every single living creature for the evilness of a few, and then allowed the drunken Noah to curse poor Ham for daring to cover his father’s nakedness?

You mean the God who scorned Cain’s offering of the fruits of his labors of the plantings that he was given charge of, but accepted the offering of Able’s fruits of his labors of animal husbandry that he was given charge of?…..the God that preferrs blood sacrifice instead?

That God, who will judge my “sins” against …what?…his sins against all humanity?

Sorry, but I would never be as cruel as the bible has indicated that God has been.

<<we have the choice of our actions still…just b/c we do something good doesn’t mean that it is good in God’s eyes b/c if our motives are wrong then it is still a sin…or if God isn’t a part of what we’re doing it is still a sin. >>

One of the reasons I am an atheist is because I do not like what the christian God makes his believers do in his name or according to his commandments or through the leaders of his religion.

<<human standards are so low compared to what God wants from us that we will never be able to reach them.>>

The standards of ethical humans are very high, much higher than the standards that the biblical God of christianity has set.

The idea of loving one another as we do ourselves, and acting according did not come from Jesus or Jehovah as a new idea. It has been around ever since humans thought about living in harmonious societies…way before christianity was an influence upon the world, or even a part of it.

<<that’s why Christ came, so that we won’t have to worry about having to reach them but will just have to focus on our relationship with God>>

Interesting….I worry about my ethical standards, but christians don’t have to because if they find God, then they automatically reach a high ethical standard?

Just how does that occur?

I know this is a hot topic, so if you don’t want to continue the debate, it is okay, Trinity.

I am just rolling with my viewpoints on this from atheistic philosophy.


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