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Hello Trinity.

You write:

<< even those who do not know God can still have joy. but it isn’t the same joy that comes from God>>

How do you KNOW this? You don’t know the joy in my life?

<< but being good doesn’t get you into heaven. >>

I am an atheist, I don’t want to go to your deity’s heaven.

<<and it’s not that satan has that power to twart God’s influence it that we as human sin and that sin, which we cause, is what blinds us from God, and while we still don’t believe and arn’t freed from this sin, satan still has a hold of us. satan traped humans into this sin through adam and eve and it has become a natural part of mankind ever since (our human nature). >>

But this above proves that the god Satan is more powerful than the christian god. Worse, the christian god set the trap for his innocent creations to be influenced by the god Satan, since God knew what was going to happen, and did nothing about it, and then got ticked off when it did…with his poor innocents, his beloved creations.

<&ltur souls are dead until God brings them through life through our spiritual births>>

So what was the point of ruining the garden? What is the point of allowing Satan to blind minds to God?

If God was so angry about his innocents gaining knowledge, why didn’t God keep them innocent? Is what God really wanted a group of mortals to praise and worship him and live in desperation of achieving a spiritual and sinless rebirth in order to get in his good graces again? All the while allowing the god Satan to blind mortals to God’s glory, influence his poor creations, create chaos and spread evil throughout humanity?…..and God is a good and loving father???

Sounds capricious and cruel to me. We would not honor a human father who behaved in such a way, would we?


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