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Hello rightthewrong.

Hope you won’t take offense but your date for the year Adam was created is off by about 170 years (give or take 10 years).

I accidently found a continual time-line in the Bible from Adam to the year Babylon (under the rule of Nebuchanezzar) overthrew Jerusalem in 586 B.C.

I had only intended to draw a chart from Adam to Moses using Genesis and Exodus. As you probably know Adam’s life span down to Noah’s is in all in one place in Genesis as well as Noah’s son Shem to Abraham’s father also not far past that. Included in those texts are the age of the father when the son was born showing a continous timeline. Searching through Genesis it was not hard to find Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s ages from birth to death. Also Jacob’s age when the Jews 1st entered Egypt. Add 30 years as free people and 400 years of slavery gives the date they left Egypt. 40 years later they entered the promised land.

That was as far as I thought I could get with a continous time line. I even went to 1 and 11 Sam., 1 and 11 Kings, 1 and 11 Chronicles and made a new time line corrilating the reigns of the kings from Saul to Hoshea king of Isreal and the date the Assyrians overthrew Isreal in 721 B.C. (simple matter of historical records) giving a date of 1095 B.C. for the beginning of the reign of Saul.

To double check this I also went down through the lines of the kings of Judah from Saul, David, Solomon and Rehoboam son of Solomon down to Zedekiah and Judah’s captivity to Babylon in 586 B.C. (again simply history) and again giving a date of 1095 B.C. for the reign of Saul.

The only thing that was missing for a continous line from Adam to Nebechanezzar’s overthrow of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. was the time between the year Israel entered the promised land to 1095 B.C. the year king Saul began to reign.

Once I realized this I searched through the books of Joshua and Judges, 1 and 11 Samuel but could find nothing. I gave up hoping until I stumbled across 1 Kings 6:1 showing the number of years that had passed from the time the Jews entered Canaan to Solomon’s 4th year as king. That was the key linking my 2 timelines together. I deduced Adam had been born between the years of 4183 B.C. and 4163 B.C.

An exact date could not be found for a different reason. Namely only the ages of the patriarchs from Adam to Isaac was given. Their exact birthdates were not. let me give an example of what I mean. Let’s say (to make this simple) a person is born in the year 1900 in the month of November. He has a son when He is 20 years old. One would assume his son was born in the year 1920 but what if the month that son was born was in April. The father would only be 19 in April of 1920, would not turn 20 until November. If his son was born in April while the father was still 20 would have to be in the year 1921.

Anyway, taking that into account and counting backward from Saul (actually from Solomon’s 4th year as king) there ended up being a 20 year range in the possible year that Adam was created. So I would actually say 4173 B.C. +/- 10 years.

Anyway I hope this helps or at least you find it interesting.

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Your dates for the 69 weeks of Dan. are also off. They begin with “the going forth of the command to restore Jerusalem” in 457 B.C. (Ezra 6:3 records the last of 3 commands given for this and the actual one that prompted the the largest migration of Jews back to Jerusalem). 69 weeks later (483 years) brings us to the coming of the Messiah (the “Annointed” One) in 27 A.D. the year Jesus was baptised (remember there was no zero year between B.C. and A.D.). 3 1/2 years later (the midst of the final week) was the death of Jesus on the cross. 3 1/2 years after that and the ending of the 70 weeks of Dan. 9 Stephen was stoned. the gospel went then to the Gentiles, the time of the Jews as God’s special people was over and the Christian dispensation began.

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