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The events of the life and times of Jesus Christ2:

Conceived: Dec 25, 5 BC [1st Tebeth by Hebrew reckoning] (not born on 25 December as commonly held).

Born: End of September, probably on: Sep 29, 4 BC. [15th Ethanim (Tisri) by Hebrew reckoning].

Circumcised: Eight days later as Jewish custom dictated.

Baptized: AD 26 Annoited with the Holy Spirit, ministry begins (exact date unknown but most likely significant).

Death By Crucifixion: April 3, AD 29 [14th Nisan by Hebrew reckoning].

Resurrection: April 7, AD 29 [18th Nisan by Hebrew reckoning] (3½ days in tomb).

Ascension: May 13, AD 29.

Pentecost: May 23, AD 29. Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Christianity begins.

Return at Second Advent: Prophecy not yet fulfilled; date unknown to all except our Heavenly Father:

The development of Christianity into the different denominations:

Pre-Christ History and related info:

4004 BC2 Adam formed in the Garden of Eden.

2550 BC Sphinx of Giza.

2348 BC2 Great flood of Noah (Noah’s 600th year. [Gen 7:6,11]

2000 BC Stonehenge built (exact date disputed).

1490 BC2 Pentateuch written by Moses (first five books of the Bible Old Testament: Gen – Deut).

563 BC Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama.

551 BC Confucius, K’ung Fu-tzu.

150 BC Essene community founded (inhabitants of the Qumran community 14 miles east of Jerusalem where the Dead Sea Scrolls were recovered in 1947).

55 BC Invasion of Britain by Rome under Julius Caesar.

4 BC2 Birth of Jesus.

Christianity comes into being:

*All dates approximate.

AD 292 Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God.

The 69 sevens of the book of Daniel (written in approx. 495 B.C.) end with the “cutting off of the Messiah” [Dan 9:26] at A.D. 29.

A.D. 29 was 483 (69×7) years from the “going forth of the commandment to build Jerusalem” [Dan 9:25] in 454 BC. (that decree given in [Neh 2:4-8]).

Dan 9:25-26

25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined. (KJV)

AD 29 – 590 The beginning Christian churches are scattered without a central head, but through the influence of the Holy Spirit of God, Christianity continues to grow and spread at a geometric rate.

AD 37 Joseph of Arimathea establishes first above ground church in the world at Glastonbury, in Britain.

AD 41 Term “Christian” first used in Antioch.

AD 43 Edict of Emperor Claudius to exterminate Christian Britain.

AD 49 First Christian Council, in Jerusalem.

AD 52 Caractacus taken prisoner to Rome along with Bran, his three sons, and daughters — including Linus and Claudia of { 2 Tim. 4:21}.

AD 53 Pudens and Claudia (Gladys) of { 2 Tim. 4:21} marry.

AD 60 The Boadicean War.

AD 65 Paul and Peter executed. Tradition has it that Paul was beheaded – not recorded in the Bible; and that Peter was crucified upside down – not recorded in the Bible, but perhaps prophesied in [John 21:17-19].

Tradition has it that Peter, upon learning that he would be crucified, felt himself unworthy to die in the same manner as the Lord Jesus Christ; and thus as a dying request, he asked to be crucified with his head down and his feet up (upside-down).

AD 69 Titus of Rome sacks and destroys Jerusalem. This same Jerusalem would once again become a part of the new Jewish state in 1967. This Jewish State Israel would become a Nation once again in 1948 in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. (see further on below).

AD 156 Good King Lucius, by edict, proclaims Britain the first Christian nation.

AD 290 The Diocletian persecution (290-300).

AD 306 At Britain, at his father’s death, Constantine declares himself Emperor of Rome.

AD 407 Jerome translates the Latin Vulgate, the early Catholic Bible.

AD 411 Rome withdraws troops from Britain.

AD 449 Angles, Saxons and Jutes invade Britain for the next two centuries driving the British Culdee Celts to the extreme west.

AD 570 Mohammed born (founder of Islam, the Muslim religion). The Muslim religion began about AD 611.

AD 590-604 The first real Pope*, Gregory I (who in fact turned down the title!). The Catholic Church formed. (the term ‘Catholic’ simply means ‘universal’).

* Some claim that the first Pope was (Leo I in 440-461). But either way it lays bare the current fable that the Papacy traces all the way back to Peter, one of the Twelve Apostles.

AD 1054 The Eastern Orthodox church is formed. They split from the Roman Catholic Church over the dispute of the power and authority of the Pope.

Roman Catholic Church:

AD 1215 The 4th Lateran Council of the Roman Catholic church, held in the Lateran Palace, Rome, endorses Doctrine of Transubstantiation.

AD 1378 Catholic Church at odds over who should be their Pope, there were two Popes at this time both claiming to be THE Pope. For a time there were actually three rival Popes in the Roman Catholic Church at the same time.

AD 1417 The Council of Constance elected a Pope who was accepted by all rival Catholic Churches. The Roman Catholic Church now considered itself universal with sole authority on God’s Word and salvation, with one Pope recognized as the ‘Vicar of Christ’. (Christ’ representative on earth).

The Reformation:

AD 1517 The Protestant Reformation began and split the western (Catholic) church into the Roman Catholic and the Protestant Churches.

AD 1517 Martin Luther posts his ’95 Theses’ on the door of the Catholic Church and sparks the Reformation. The ’95 Theses’, among other things objected to the selling of Indulgences by the Pope. The Catholic dogma was, and still is today for that matter, that the Pope, as ‘the Vivar of Christ’ had the power to get anyone into Heaven he desired to. The Catholic dogma also proclaimed that the Pope also had the power to get someone out of the mythical place called Purgatory. In Luther’s time, these ‘Papal Indulgences’ were being sold to the highest bidder in the raising of funds to build St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. Talk about a house built on the sand that falls because of a bad foundation! [Matt 7:24-27].

AD 1521 Diet of Worms: Martin Luther, the leader of the Protestant separation from the Roman Catholic Church, condemned for heresy.

AD 1534 Church of England formed: King Henry VIII influenced Parliament to split from the Roman Catholic Pope and formed the Church of England.

AD 1600’s Church of England splits and the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches emerge.

The modern churches:

AD 1534 Formation of the Society of Jesus (known as the Jesuit Priesthood). Founded by Roman Catholic Saint Ignatius Loyola to combat the weakening by the Reformation of the Holy Roman Empire (Catholic Church Universal). This was called the Counter-reformation. These Jesuit priests would go on to murder untold numbers of Christians who refused to bow their knee to the authority of the Roman Catholic Pope. (more on Jesuit Preisthood later, including their ‘secret’ Oath).

AD 1536 On Friday, October 6th 1536, William Tyndale was led out of prison, tied to a stake, strangled, and his body burned to ashes. Tyndale’s crime was that he printed the Holy Scriptures into English that every man might have the Word of God at his fingertips. It is called the Tyndale Bible and only scant copies remain.

At that time, the only copies of the ‘Bible’ were chained in the Church Rectory and not for public viewing. The people had to rely on the priesthood for the Word of God, the same priesthood that had the blood of the Christian Martyrs dripping from their hands. William Tyndale’s last words before being Martyred were: “Lord, open the eyes of the King of England.” Almighty God answered that prayer in 1611 (see below).

AD 1582 Gregorian Calendar created by St. Gregory. This our common current BC/AD (Before Christ/Anno Domini) calendar. The calendar that we must set Christ’s birth at 4 B.C to be accurate. It also requires leap lears to remain correct.

AD 1611 Original King James translation released. Now the common man would have the Written Word of God at his disposal for personal study. God answered Tyndale’s dying prayer with The Holy Bible!

No longer could the church hold men in fear for their salvation. Such great personal sacrifices went into making the Word of God accessible to every man, but the majority of today’s Christians still allow their clergy to tell them what God said to us, most do not even open the Bible, much less read it – this is a shame as well as dangerous! History is set to repeat itself.

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