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Brenda Biggs

There are seven recorded cases of Suicide in the Bible.

ABIMELECH—JUDGES 9:54 (To gurantee his kinship he killed his 70 brothers. During a battle a woman dropped a millstone on him.

Mortally wounded, he ordered his armour bearer to finish him off. The Armour bearer did.

SAMSON—JUDGES 16:28-31 (It has been argued that Samson’s suicide is an act of atonment for a life gone bad. Maybe? Who knows.)

SAUL– 1 SAMUEL 31:1-6 (In my opinion the Bible’s only known case of a Bi-polar personality. Threw himself on his own sword.)

SAUL’S ARMOURBEARER — 1 SAMUEL 31:1-6 (Scared of being tortured or killed in some unpleasant manner. He throws himself on his own sword.)

AHITHOPHEL — 2 SAMUEL 17:23(David’s trusted and faithful Secretary of State, who held a secret grudge against David. You see he was the grandfather of Bethsheba. He secretly sided with Absalom’s advisors. When Absalom rejected Ahithophel’s sure fire plan to defeat David…for a less perfect plan. Ahithophel knew that David would win. He went home and hanged himself.)

ZIMRI–1 KINGS 16:18 (Zimri ruled Israel for all of 7 days, after killing the King Elah and all his sons. When the army had learned what he had done. He burned the palace down..with himself inside….charming fellow.)

and good old JUDAS–Matthew 27:5..death by hanging, after betraying his best friend for 30 pieces of silver.

In almost every single case deeep depression heralded the suicide. None of theses men were hardly on the path of deep righteousness. Depression has been argued as a form of mental illness. All of us have been down that road a time or two, and like a ugly bad storm, 99 percent of humanity has learned the trick of waiting it out and that tommorrow does get better.

As for weather you go to heaven or not…that is in the hands of God. I should mention in passing that of the people who have had

NDE and experienced a slice of paradise usually are glad to share…however, the 10 percent who go the other place….won’t even talk about it.

Apparently God is aware of our occassional dilema…from

Deuteronomy 30:19

“This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live?”

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