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Mary Chapin

“I think it is the result of moving plates under the seas, and an horrifically unfortunate natural disaster. Placing an end times religious spin on the devestation is disgusting to those who are not christians. ”

I agree, in as much as the cause for this event was purely and simply a rather large scale earthquake and the resulting tsunami, nothing more nothing less. Large scale natural disasters have been occurring since time began, Pompeii and Herculaneum being one example, Mount Vesuvius has been erupting on a devastating scale since something like 5930 B.C.

Disasters happen, we need to stop “blaming God”

we need to Stop feeding our very american love of fear.

Instead of looking at this disaster and diving into our voluminous libraries of well read Tim Lahaye, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Hal Lindsay books confident that this is yet another “sign” that someone up there has pulled the handle and any minute now the world will be swirling it’s way down God’s toilet, let’s all just send 10 bucks and a blanket to the Red Cross. http://www.msnbc.com/modu%5B…%5DT1=5936

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