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Mary Chapin

Belief systems have for centuries blamed disasters, natural and otherwise on thier deities of choice. It’s nothing personal it’s just history.

When I said to stop “blaming God” I only meant that telling people that an event of mass devastation such as this is an act of your God does not endear anyone to your deity, and it sounds alot like when all those Pat Robertson followers said that 9/11 was a “wake up call from God” which let’s face still makes alot of us sick to our stomachs when we hear that speech.

your own bible states that “He is willing that none should perish…” yet we seem all to ready to blame any event of devastation on a “loving and compassionate deity”?

I never said that I didn’t like the “God Charactarizations” I do like them, I find them a challenge to my beliefs and I try to accept that challenge and discover a new understanding of my beliefs. Although, please forgive me, I can be cynical at times.

Are you asking me to leave…because my opinion differs from yours?

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