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hey bud

i feel your pain. i’ve lost my faith in people too – especially my brothers and sisters in Christ who really should be there the most during these dark times. and i also know that in my experience one needs to hear something more than “take the log out of your own eye before pointing the speck in somebody else’s” or “you have to put faith on God before people”. i know how superficial and ignorant people can be at times. the thing i try to do is to remember that God uses these times of discouragement to draw us closer to Him and to lead us into a deeper spiritual life. rejoice my friend. the Lord is working in you and you will know it six months from now. until then, i recommend that you read “dark night of the soul” by st. john of the cross. you should be able to find it in any bookstore, or, if you wish, you can download it from the following URL. i’ll remember you in my prayers tonight.


i hope this helps and if you share drop me an e-mail at


God bless,


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