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[font “Tahoma”][#000000][size 3]I came across this statement from Philip Derkatch…[/size][/#000000][/font]
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[font “Tahoma”][size 3][b]”It is clear that if a person turns back to the old mind, loving this world and enjoying their lusts, then they lose their salvation. Such a mind does not fit into the kingdom of heaven. However, if they truly repent and turn back to God, they can regain their salvation, but then they have also lost precious time where they could have been growing in the virtues. So let us continue in this new mind and be firmly established in it.”[/b][/size][/font]
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[font “Tahoma”][size 3]Personally, just from what I’ve read and learned over the past 10 yrs. I find it hard to believe that our salvation can be given and taken back depending on our behavior. Even Christians get sidetracked from time to time. I just can’t see God being an indian giver with our gift of salvation. That’s why it’s a gift isn’t it?[/size][/font]
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[font “Tahoma”][size 3]Thanks for giving my brain something to chew on this week. *Smiles*[/size][/font]

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