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I just had a few things to share with y’all. First of all, I am a Christian (follower of Christ) teen who does not date. This is my conviction, not to date in my teen years. I also believe convictions to be personal. Although I think, now, that it is really a smart idea. Now in our teenage lives we are not very mature about somethings. Plus, I know that me being a senior in high school I don’t really have the time to devote to someone else without taking away from more important things, like my relationship with God. To have a worth-while relationship you have to spend extra time on it, and right now I find it difficult just spending time with family and friends between the ball games, homework, and getting ready for college. Where’s the time to develop a relationship, especially on that will probably end a few months later?

Now don’t get me wrong I have loads of fun! I love hanging out with a group of friends, that’s how I escape reality. Dating just brings on more of realities headaches: is he cheating on me, does he really love me, etc. Hey there’s nothing wrong with dating as long as you wait til you’re mature enough, and then you still need to use your head, and let God be the center of your relationship. I don’t think you can really date over the internet seeing how you can’t go places together because he/she is in Florida and you’re in Idaho. Also, like tstiffler said you don’t really know how old this person is until you see them. I went and checked out both tstiffler and Shamal69’s profile just to see who they said they were. But how do I know that Shamal69 is really in his 30s? I DON’T!! Your safety is serious. Y’all just be careful.

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