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Tim Simmons


Okay, nice opinion. I respect that you came here to tell us it.

Now, here’s what I have to say for that ‘fun’

You get a bf/gf, everything’s grreat at first. you might even love each other. love is fun, I know, because I am in love righ now. I can’t help myself, but I am being careful at the same time. I a not dating this person online, I knew them personally before I ever thought about calling her my gf.

Dating is a lot of fun, but what do most teens do with dating these days? A lot of teens will have many bf’s/gf’s in just a few years. I knew a guy who had 279 gf’s in four years. 279! He was having fun…lot’s of fun with girls that he knew personally. How did those girls feel after they were dumped, after they found out they were just another name on the list. (He actually made a list and showed it to girls when he was done with them)

Now, let’s say the guy or girl isn’t that bad…in fact, they are perfect. Then, you find out something about them that you just can’t stand, or breaks your heart. Is that fun?

Are those two things going to happen every time you date? No, but a lot of times one of those things, or something similar does happen, and the fun turns into a horrible down-time in your life.

So, how can you have fun without having such a huge risk of getting hurt? First, get to know the person. Don’t start dating them immediately, take some friends on the first date, and try not to even call it a date. The best thing would be to become friends with that person before even dating them. Why?

Well, then you know most of their secrets, you don’t have such a huge risk of getting dumped, you are still having fun, and the biggest thing. Let’s say they really like you, too. It’s almost like a test to see if they really do like you, or if they want to get into your pants (no offense to anyone). Just hold off a little bit, not too long, don’t give them the cold-shoulder, but try not to get too serious too fast. it will save the heart-ache.

Now, we go to the internet dating. Cool, you really like this person that you ‘know’. Do you relaly know this person at all? There are many people who can very easily pretend and lie to be someone they are not. For all you know, I am a 50 year old woman.

My point, yeah, have fun, but be careful, be smart, get to know the person, really KNOW the person, before you date them, or get too involved.

Here’s an analogy that might make sense. You find something that you really think is a lot of fun…let’s say….drugs…or witchcraft….or sex. Those are sins. Well, you can have all the fun you want with those things, but in the end..you’re hurting. Why? Becuase you’re going to Hell if you don’t ask for forgivness and get away fro that stuff.

Hope that’s all I ned to say, I’ll check back in here in a while to see if anyone said anything else….we’ll see what happens.

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