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i could not agree with you more. dating is supposed to be fun but there are limitations. especially with internet dating.. you have to be VERY careful. its not ne thing to fool around with. i have had a bad exprience where i was talking to this one guy and he told me he wanted to date me and as we got to talking i came to find out that he was 45 and he was a pervert! all he wanted to do was get me into bed. it was disgusting. and he was mean after i rejected him. he told me he was gonna hunt me down and slit my throat. and the weird thing was.. he discribed me perfectly and he hadnt even seen my picture. but that wasnt the point. you guys need to be careful when talking about dating someone over the net. i know i may sound hypocritical for this but i actually am dating someone over the net but i know him very well. i didnt meet him for 5 minutes and say hey lets go out. and me and him have been dating for a little over six months now and we talk on the phone and we talk on the net too. so i guess it at depends on how well you know the person i guess. idk. but all im saying is that there are sexually predictors out there and there are some very bad ppl out there. yall need to be careful and use good judgement.. and common sence! 😀

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