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jamie logan

i agree with you on that i frown upon drinking and being a christain .my father is a pastor has been one for 2 years now and i see how my friends look at me now that he is a pastor then how they looked at me before he was but im only human people do backslide and when they do what is the first thing satan puts in there heads (how about a drink it will calm you down)nope you just have to rebuke him and move on now the reason i wanted to reply and say was that my dad although he is a pastor he does drink what is called odell’s . it is a non alcholic drink that taste ‘s like beer but doesn’t have enough alcohol in it to do anything i think it is like 3 percent i beleive thats what it say’s on the bottle but i have fussed with my dad about this becasue it does have alchol in it lol i know im not suppose to fuss with your elders what do some of you guys and gals think of that?i was wandering about it myself.gbu

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