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Susie A

“It’s not what goes into a man that defiles him…it is what comes out”. Taking a drink of alcoholic beverage will not defile us, it is the conduct, behavior & awareness that can be challenged by drinking, and that is where the concern lies. It’s the possible changes that take place in a person under the influence of alcohol that matters. So, in drinking alcohol… moderation is the key here. I once had a few glasses of wine several years ago, at home. When my young son was injured and needed to go to the hospital, I was useless to help him. I had to call & have my sister take him to the emergency for me, because I was drunk. Not a real good feeling, to know that alcohol caused me to be unable to meet the challege of doing what a mother should do. We need to use good judgment, and being tipsy or drunk doesn’t HELP.

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