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Chris Medway

beautyful: You wrote

while it is true overeating is a sin, it is the sin of gluteny, but eating is not.

while it is true drunkeness is a sin, it is the sin of drunkenness, but drinking is not. Otherwise St. Paul would not have advised Timothy to ‘drink a little wine for the sake of his frequent ailments’. And scripture would not say “wine gladdens the heart of man”.

if you continue to drink you will mess up your liver, your mind your body totally,

Only if overindulgence becomes habitual due to lack of self control. As is true of most other blessings we receive from God, abuse of them can lead to destruction.

when you over eat you only hurt yourself,

Elvis Presly, the king died through overeating on rubbish American fast food, mostly steak burgers. It not only killed him but influenced many young Americans to also eat the disgusting diet of junk food. If anything needs banning for the preservation of humanity, it’s ‘American style food’.

You try to justify it because you want to drink, not because you have found it not to be a sin in the word of God.

“Ah, the smell of my son

is like the smell of a field that the LORD has blessed.

May God give you of the dew of heaven,

and of the fatness of the earth,

and plenty of grain and wine.

This is the blessing of Isaac upon Jacob, (later to be re-named Israel).

It is not a CURSE, it is a blessing and prophetically is taken to be a blessing upon The Nation of Israel by God Himself.

Having plentiful supplies of wine and grain is therefore not a sin, neither is the making or responsible consumption of wine a sin.

The Bible contains many more positive references to wine and many references and warnings about it’s misuse and abuse.

It is clear that you have not studied what The Bible actually says about wine, drinking, drunkenness and sin.

Regards Chris.

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