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I am not angry about it, I just truelly feel strongly about it. And while it is true overeating is a sin, it is the sin of gluteny, but eating is not. any thing that takes the divine intervintion of the Lord to get you to stop doing completely, is a SIN. People have been delivered from over eating, but never from eating totally or they would die, but if you continue to drink you will mess up your liver, your mind your body totally, and another thing, when you over eat you oly hurt yourself, but when you drink you hurt not only yourself, but those around you.

You know this could go on and on, but this is my prayer for all of you that continue to justify taking a drink, it is just like the drug addict that says that he is not hooked on drugs, maybe he is not at first, but if he keeps on taking it just to be one of the crowd, one day he is going to wake to find that he is hooked and can;t break free. all the enemie needs is an entrance point, and if you continue to beleive the lie that he keeps feeding you, that you can do it and it won’t hurt anything, you are sadly mistaken. I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened, that you know what is the good and perfect will God for your life, i pray that you come to know the truth of the word of God, as it is, and not for what you choose to believe is the truth. You try to justify it because you want to drink, not because you have found it not to be a sin in the word of God.


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