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Marcia D.

rdrcofe/Chris, I found out recently that your church serves alcohol for communion so I am sure this is the reason that you would disagree with Country Doc.

However, very many marriages have been destroyed by alcohol and very many lives. My older sister had an alcohol problem and she kept the family in a state of upset and confusion and worry. Before that, an uncle did that and more so beating his wife and causing no end of pain and grief for his family and ours too since we lived near by for several years. My husband also had this addiction, and he was encouraged to drink by his alcoholic mother who was brash, and swore and did many mean things. IN general she was almost unapproachable much of the time.

I know that alcohol causes great grief for millions of people and this can cause people to stumble, both the drinker and anyone around him/her. It doesn’t take a lot of smartness to realize what alcohol is doing to society. Like Doc says, 1 out of 16 who takes a drink becomes an alcoholic. Not only an alcoholic but someone who destroys lives I will add.


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