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Chris Medway


. . . your church serves alcohol for communion so I am sure this is the reason that you would disagree . . .

Actually the church I attend and minister in serves wine.

The wine contains alcohol, (all wine does, that is what makes it wine). I am sure if you had actually been at the last supper Jesus would have excused your non participation once you explained to him your reasons for not ever drinking wine. (pretty well everbody drank it then though unless they had taken special vows not to, (Jesus had not taken such vows))

In our case though nobody gets anywhere near enough wine to get drunk, (except perhaps the priest, if s/he has foolishly mis-calculated the numbers who are receiving and has to consume what is left of the consecrated elements, i’m joking actually, others can be asked to help consume, and the wine is not all that strong anyway, and it’s also mixed with water.)

many marriages have been destroyed by alcohol

Many marriages and lives have been destroyed by ‘drunkenness’ and lack of self control generally. Self control being one of the fruit of the spirit, where it is lacking much damage ensues.

It is equally true though that marriages and lives are destroyed by lack of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and faithfulness but you can’t legislate against the lack of them any more than legislation against alcohol will necessarily result in better marriages and more fulfilled lives.

Prohibition in America was tried and it failed utterly to impose ‘sobriety’ upon the whole population. Living a quiet, sober and Godly life is indicative of maturity in The Holy Spirit but ‘abstinence’ is not necessarily sobriety and ‘temperance’ is not abstinence either and it cannot be successfully imposed by force of law.

It is best to try to avoid extremes, particularly when it might lead to the desire to limit the freedom of others to eat and drink temperately. That would be surrendering oneself to a spirit of control.

Regards Chris.

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