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I am going to tell you why I think it is not okay to drink as a christian. When I began going to church, not yet saved, it was with a drinking friend. I was 12 and doing the same thing. When I became a christian and she bailed on the church, I began drinking with other christians there. What did it do for me? Nothing!! I eventually got out of it. Yes, I grew as a christian, but it only damaged my testimony to others!!

I as an adult know many christians who take the occasional drink when they are on vacation. I don’t believe this is acceptable either. Wherever you are, you carry the Name of Jesus with you and as His representatives we should conduct ourselves as he would. He would eat with sinners, but not sin Himself just to fit in. Liquor, wine coolers, beer or whatever your choice, there are other alternatives that contain no alcohol. You will lead others to Jesus or you will turn them off to Him. I have never heard of Coke or Pepsi or milk painting a poor testimony. What about your stand before your church? Does your pastor slam down a few brewskies before the sermon just to ease his nerves? We are not only a light to the darkness but accountable to other believers. We should never expect others to respect us or our God if we are hypocrites in what we preach.

Obviously, I frown upon drinking at all but especially when it’s done by believers. When Jesus comes back, what do you want Him to find you doing? Live like that would happen every moment of your life and you will be a changed person!!


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