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After reading through the posts since my last one, I can only come to the same conclusion as I did before; that conclusion being that God has called each of us to become like His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus taught that if something causes you to stumble/sin, get rid of it. He also taught us the truth of the matter about how much our Heavenly Father loves us.

This is why I still believe that the Lord will place within each of us a conviction towards those things which He, in His infinite wisdom, knows will cause us to stumble.

So if anyone believes it to be a sin to consume an alcoholic beverage in any amount, they should live by their convictions and not consume it; likewise, if anyone believes that their is no problem with the consumption of an alcoholic beverage, (in moderation), they too, should live by their own convictions.

Paul said it quite well when he said:

” Therefore, whether you eat or drink, do so as unto the Lord.”

Someone mentioned earlier that this is a double standard.

IMHO, if someone believes their ability to become Christ-like, was dependent upon whether or not a person consumes alcohol, then I would tend to agree with this view of it being a “double standard”.

However, I think it wise to remember that we are not to judge another’s heart by our own understanding/convictions , as the Scribes and Pharisees did; as this too, can and will, become yet another foot hold for satan in his quest to draw us away from the goal of becoming like Gods Son, Jesus Christ.

Stated differently, we need to keep our eyes upon the prize!

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