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Hi, Doc,

You said, if one considers the midicinal qualities to be found in wine or grape juice from the standpoint of molecular micro-biology you will find that both contain the exact same midicinal qualities. Simply put fresh grape juice and fermented wine produce the same midicinal effects.

I find this interesting, but first let me give you a little testimony. Prior to my salvation 30 years ago, I drank wine quite heavily on a daily basis. Yes, it dulled my senses. That was one of the reasons I liked it. Then I gave my life to the Lord. Six weeks later I opened the frig and found HALF A BOTTLE OF WINE!!! I had left it there. It had been sitting there for six weeks!!! and I never saw it during all that time!!! I took the top off, started to put the bottle to my lips, and then thought, “I don’t need this!” and poured it down the sink.

Now to get back to your point of the medicinal qualities of wine vs. grape juice. I do believe there is one difference. I have had some back problems, and grape juice does not lessen the pain; wine does. Wine is my pain medicine of choice as I abhor putting chemicals into my body. Therefore, I would think there must be some molecular difference.

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